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... October 15, 2021 / Living

The former 'Fondatel' site at Herne station will soon be transformed into a completely new residential area.

The residential area offers space for 72 new houses and 20 flats. The neighbourhood is designed to keep traffic to a minimum: there is only one entrance and exit for traffic, so there will only be local traffic, and there are a number of dead-end streets.


The nice thing about this neighbourhood is that there will be a very large variety of housing typologies, both in area and in appearance. There is a mix of flats, closed, semi-open and open single-family houses. We want to offer everyone a home.


Due to the diversity of the offer, the district offers an answer to various living wishes and family compositions. Since almost all the homes also have a full-fledged roof storey, there is great flexibility for the future. This extra floor can be used as extra storage space, but can also be arranged as an additional bedroom, home office or multi-purpose room.


The architecture of the neighbourhood is mainly classical, but with attention to a very large diversity and the combination of a number of contemporary accents.


Within the range, there is a choice between compact town houses, town houses, houses in country style, houses in cottage style, detached row houses and park flats.  By grouping the dwellings, each cluster of dwellings will radiate its own specific atmosphere.

Each type also has its own pallet of detailing and use of materials.

The town houses are unbroken row houses with a simple form language, but with attention paid to the recognisability of each individual house.

The country-house style dwellings are half-open dwellings with stately details such as buttresses, fireplaces and tip-up gables.

The cottages have a lower cornice height with dormers and are built in a baldstone façade with red roof tiles.

The town houses form beautiful clusters of opposing white dwellings with a great deal of attention paid to verticality, stateliness and rhythm.

At the end of the allotment, there are detached row houses.  These homes are characterised by their distinctive gables on the street side and have high-quality gardens and sun-facing terraces.

The park flats are located near the access to the neighbourhood, close to the station and along the park with the Finnish slope.  The choice was made to build 2 volumes of 10 flats each. In this way, there is greater navigability from the public roads to the park and we create high-quality flats with plenty of sunlight and spaciousness.  The volumes are slightly shifted in relation to each other so that as many flats as possible can enjoy the evening sun on the street side. All flats have spacious terraces and large windows.


To create coherence between the many typologies, the carefully chosen palette of materials is applied throughout the district.  The flats, for example, have a tighter design, but like some of the dwellings, they are executed in baldstone and accents in natural wooden planking.  This creates a balanced and harmonious overall picture, but each dwelling is unique so that everyone can feel at home here.


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