Woluwe Greens Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

Qualitative and spacious living with a view of greenery. That is what Woluwe Greens stands for!

  • Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

  • Residential property

  • 2009 - 2011

  • 100% Sold

  • EBTCA Architects

Woluwe Greens, a home for all

Qualitative and spacious living with a view of greenery! In Woluwe Greens, you can choose between flats with one, two or three bedrooms. All are finished with the highest quality materials. Whether you want to live in the flat yourself or as an investment, one thing is certain: investing in this residence means that you will have a risk-free growing capital. All flats have underground garages and storage rooms, very spacious terraces and are accessible by two lifts.

Location, location, location

With its unique location next to all the economic activity, Woluwe Greens is guaranteed to be a success. Woluwe shopping, the Cora and the Rob are all within a 2 km radius.


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